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Love Blanket - The waterproof cuddly blanket

Love Blanket - The waterproof cuddly blanket

💧 100% Waterproof
❤️ Keeps your bed dry
🕯️ Cozy for romantic evenings
🧼 Very easy to clean
✅ 2 year leak guarantee
Max & Julia
5 Star Rating
We love the love blanket! We used to just always use a towel, but with the blanket everything is much more fun and much more romantic. The team at Glow & Glee was really nice and always helpful. As a customer you really feel in good hands here! Max & Julia from London

2 year leak guarantee

We and over 30,000 couples are convinced of the quality of our love blanket and offer you a worry-free basis for a happy experience. Try the Love Blanket today and experience comfort, protection and satisfaction, backed by our two-year leak-proof guarantee.

The perfect base: This way your bed always stays clean and dry

May we introduce: The Love Blanket ™! A specially designed blanket that protects your mattress from any mess you make. The special thing: Although it is 100% waterproof, it is super comfortable and cozy !

Odorless. Easy cleaning. 100% waterproof.

Love blanket application

Recommended by couples: Antibacterial and cozy and soft

Conventional towels quickly get wet and cause unwanted bacteria in the bed. The Love Blanket™ takes all your worries away and at the same time ensures a feel-good atmosphere thanks to the high-quality and soft material. Convince yourself!


Towel vs. Love Blanket

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What makes love blanket special?

Find out why dozens of couples have chosen the Love Blanket.

Over 35,000 couples have already changed

Of these, over 94% would absolutely recommend the Love Blanket.

How should I wash the love blanket?

For the love blanket, we recommend a delicate washing program with a temperature of 30 to 40 degrees and a low spin speed (between 600 or 800 revolutions) in the washing machine. We advise against using fabric softener.If it is lightly soiled (e.g. just with water), you can just wring out the blanket and hang it up to dry.

How much liquid can the love blanket hold?

This depends on the size of the blanket and the liquid.However, the largest love blanket can easily hold >1.5 liters of water, which should be enough for most adventures ;)

Does the liquid simply roll off or is it absorbed?

As well as. If only liquid lands on the ceiling, it remains on the ceiling due to the surface tension, but if you break this tension (e.g. if you walk over it with your hand), the ceiling absorbs the liquid.

Which size should I take?

All of our love blankets are made from the same material and can therefore reliably absorb liquids. For couples, however, we recommend the largest blanket (XL) so that nothing ends up next to the blanket when things get hot :)

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