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Space Pillow | Luminous cushion without power cable

Space Pillow | Luminous cushion without power cable

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⭐️ Don't be afraid of the dark - fall asleep better
⭐️ No more light - your child can fall asleep without light
⭐️ No power cable - safe & battery operated


The topic of falling asleep without light or alone is a very problematic but also a very serious topic for us parents. 

For our children it is even more. It is a very strong physical and psychological strain that can lead to long-term health consequences. 


No light. All Black. Not knowing what lies in front of you or behind you. Alone.

Every child needs a feeling of security when falling asleep. SpacePillow gives your child the feeling that they are in good hands, safe and secure when they fall asleep.


Even if the light is turned off, your child will no longer experience fears, restless nights or even nightmares. 

Essential benefits for your child:

 Don't be afraid of the dark - fall asleep stress-free and better

 No more light - your child can fall asleep without light

 No more nightmares  - greatly improves sleep 

 Strengthens self-confidence - your child becomes more self-confident

 Versatile - it combines a night light and a cozy pillow in one

Other indispensable advantages

 Safe and easy to use - No power cable
🎛 Easy to use - with just the push of a button
🌟 Pleasant glow - slowly changing play of colors
🧸 Soft plush material made of cotton - no lint
💙💖💛💚💜 Available in 5 colors - Choose your favorite color

SpaceCushion makes all children's eyes shine

The SpaceCushion makes all children's eyes shine, especially in the cold season and at Christmas time.

It will be the perfect gift and a faithful accomplice in the best moments. When playing, reading, falling asleep - wherever his presence has a calming effect.

100% safe for your child!

Your child's safety is important to us. That's why the SpaceCushion does not require a power cable, which makes it safer and more flexible to use.

Instead, it runs on batteries, minimizing the risk of electrical accidents. This means your child can take their SpaceCushion with them anywhere without having to worry about sockets or cables.

Whether in bed, in the car or playing outside - the SpaceCushion is always a safe companion!
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